M&M Shrimp Shack - Mendon, IL

"The Small Business Development Center at Western Illinois University was instrumental for the initial phase of M&M Shrimp Shack and continues to provided support as we enter our first year of production. The staff provided advice and resource information for licensing, registration, and tax information. Jim, Greg, and Dana are always available to answer any questions that arise along the way. They assisted in our website design and various promotional material, such as, flyers and hand-out materials. Advertising opportunities were also provided through press releases and local news station coverage. We plan to continue utilizing the skills, knowledge and resources offered at the SBDC as our business continues to grow. It is nice to have experts available to answer questions that will inevitably come up in the beginning stages of any business."
Marty Douglas and Mike Finlay of M & M Shrimp Shack,LLC, Mendon, IL

Monk River Bicycle - Colchester, IL